Top-Down Strategy

Top-down investing is an investment approach that involves looking at the overall picture of the economy and then breaking down the various components into finer details. After looking at the big-picture conditions around the world, analysts examine different industrial sectors to select those that are forecast to outperform the market. From this point, they further analyze stocks of specific companies to choose potentially successful ones as investments.

Our ICA Crash/Correction-Recovery Detection Model with Index Investing:

  • Our advanced ICA model analyzes fundamental and technical stock market parameters to provide probabilities of stock market crashes/corrections and recoveries (Crash Index)
  • Our index investing allows our Accord Model exploit the stochastic properties of a large number of stocks in a broad market or in a sector.
  • Our investment strategy and advanced model has resulted in a 11900% gain from 1998 to 2014, or a 35% average annual compound gain, by investing in a mixed S&P500/Nasdaq100 indices and their 3x variations. The above results are based on real data simulations and partially verified by real world trading practices since 2004.